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We find that people are often confused about the inspection process and what vehicles should and shouldn't be inspected. Check out the page below to find answers to your any of your questions.

What needs to be inspected?

If you want to drive a vehicle in Massachusetts you must pass a safety inspection each and every year. The following types of vehicles and inspections need to be performed

Model year 2000 and newer light-duty diesel vehicles, model year 2007 and newer medium-duty diesel vehicles, model year 2008 and newer medium-duty non-diesel vehicles, opacity tests, medium and heavy-duty diesel vehicles.      

Our shop is fully licensed and certified.

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When do you need to have your car inspected by?


Your inspection needs to be completed at the end of every year before your sticker expires. New vehicles must be inspected within 7 calendar days of their registration


What should you bring?


All you need to bring to your inspection is your car and your $35 dollar fee.      

What is the Massachusetts Vehicle Check?

Massachusetts introduced its "next generation" vehicle emissions testing and safety inspection program on, October 1, 2008. Vehicles 1999 and newer will be tested for emissions (On Board Diagnostic test) every year along with the annual safety inspection. Motorists will be able to choose which inspection station they use as long as the station is licensed. The cost of the test is among the lowest in the nation for this type of program. The Mass Vehicle Check will continue to cost $35 annually.


I've heard that the Massachusetts Commercial Inspection is the equivalent to the federal "DOT" inspection. Do I need to get both?

No. If you are required to get the Federal DOT inspection, the Massachusetts Commercial inspection will meet that requirement as well. Your paperwork is proof of the Federal DOT equivalent inspection. This is a new feature of the Massachusetts Commercial Vehicle Inspection.


Do I need to get my trailer inspected?

It depends on the trailer type and its use. A single, full or semi-trailer, used in commerce, with a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating over 3,000 lbs or a truck/trailer combination that exceeds 10,000 GCVWR (gross combined vehicle weight rating) needs a commercial inspection every year. Trailers for personal use (boat trailers, camper trailers, utility type trailers) do NOT need to be inspected.


I have a small utility trailer. Are there any special requirements?

Yes, trailers must be legally registered in the Commonwealth. A legally registered trailer must have fenders, two tail lights, stop lights, directional signals and safety chains. It is a violation of law if these conditions are not met.


What do you inspect on my passenger vehicle?

  • VIN Number/Registration/License Plates

  • Windshield

  • Wipers/Windshield Washer

  • Headlights/Headlight Aim

  • Turn Signals/4-Way Flashers

  • Tail Lamps/Brake Lights/Backup Lights/Other Lighting Devices

  • Rear View Mirrors

  • Horn

  • Exhaust System

  • Tires

  • Body Panels/Fuel Tank

  • Frame/Unibody

  • Service Brake

  • Parking/Emergency Brake

  • Seat Belts/Air Bag Operation

  • Ball Joints/Steering/Suspension

  • Visible Smoke

  • Emissions Test/Emissions Components (if applicable)

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