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Mass Inspection Inc

Yearly inspection service

In order to be able to drive your car in this state you need to have it inspected every single year to ensure that you meet certain standards. We are your best choice for state inspection service.

Drive with confidence

Make sure that your car is always safe to drive up bringing it to us for a comprehensive safety inspection. We will check out your car from top to bottom looking for any potential problems.


Failure to meet Massachusetts standards leaves you open to expensive fines and penalties.

State-of-the-art inspection service

We use computerized testing on all of our inspections combined with hands-on inspection. This will ensure that we don't miss anything. Once we're finished we will give you a complete run down of any and all issues that we find.  

Our company offers service guarantees.  

Set up an inspection appointment today by giving us a call.


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Vehicle inspection includes:

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